Higher Graduate Education Policy

a) Making the students ready to complete their internship for the private or public sector at the end of 4 years.

b) Ensuring that they become well-equipped human resources managers through intellectual activities (reading books, having documentaries watched, homework, projects (TUBITAK student projects).

c) Raising good individuals who are able to analyze, communicate well, use their emotional and psychological capital as well as their intellectual knowledge, and are developed in accordance with universal human rights norms.

d) Observing the potential of students coming from the surrounding provinces, to carry out programs and studies to introduce departments in these provinces (Within high schools, studies can be carried out in cities such as Antalya, Denizli, Burdur, Konya.)

e) Students in the Human Resources Department;

· Gained the basic perspective of Human Resources Management,

· Have academic and theoretical knowledge about Human Resources Management,

· Knowledge of the basic functions of Human Resources Management such as human resource planning, assessment and evaluation, recruitment, compensation, career planning, training and development, performance management, industrial relations,

· Gained the ability to use theoretical and applied knowledge in the fields of Human Resources Management together,

· Able to perform human resources practices in the light of legal and administrative regulations,

· Ability to express feelings, thoughts and knowledge both verbally and in writing,

· Having research skills to reach scientific knowledge,

· Systematic and analytical and critical thinking skills,

· Having the ability to communicate effectively and using communication tools and methods efficiently,

· Ability to understand people and their feelings and to find solutions to their needs,

· Having the skills to lead oneself and other employees,

· Ability to express himself in at least one foreign language,

· Ability to think strategically in the face of events

· They will follow an education-training process that will have an entrepreneurial perspective with a proactive thinking.

In this context, students;

· Each semester, they will prepare a group or individual study in at least one lesson and present it electronically.

· Participate in at least one student community membership and at least 3 student community events per semester during the academic year.

· At the end of the training period, he will receive at least a C1 level certificate.

· The National Occupational Standard will complete the certification process at the level of “Human Resources Staff Level 4”.

· Will take part in at least one event organized by non-governmental organizations.

· Will do internship in at least one company until the end of the training period.

· By analyzing the organization of the human resources department in the enterprises, they will bring at least one improvement suggestion.

· Until the end of the education period, they will take part as a member of at least one student project work team.

· The department will prepare a graduation thesis under the supervision of academic staff.