Frequently Asked Questions

Our university (at publishes a guide for new registrations and what to do is explained in this guide step by step. You do not need to come to the university to register. Your university registration and dormitory applications can be made via e-Devlet.

SDUNet is a system that can be used for many purposes such as choosing courses, seeing class schedules, and using the distance education platform. Also, all academic announcements for the students are made here. You can access SDUNet by clicking here.

SDUNet includes two sub-systems: Student Information System (SIS) and Learning Management System (LMS). SIS allows you to choose courses and see your exam results. With LMS, you can follow all of your live lectures, exams, assignments, all course materials, and classroom activities.

An academic calendar is published on the website of our university. All dates regarding course registration, course add and delete week, and exams can be followed on the academic calendar.

SDU Mobile is an application that offers instant access to content such as "Student Information System", "News", "Announcements", "Events", "Personnel Information System", and "Food Menu". You can be instantly informed about the events and access the current academic calendar. With the chat feature in this application, you can directly communicate with the lecturers of your course. At the same time, faculty members can make their announcements through this channel. Therefore, it is recommended to install the application on your phone and use it actively.

You can download the application from the following links:

It is important that you regularly check the Student Information System for current announcements.
You can also follow the web pages and social media accounts of our university, faculty, and department to be informed about current news, announcements, and events. Also, with “SDU Mobile” application, you can perform all the processes you need and follow up on the news, announcements, and events.

SDU web page: (English) and (Turkish)

SDU Instagram account:

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Faculty web page: (English) and (Turkish)

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Department of Economics web page: (English) and (Turkish)

Department of Economics Instagram account:

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Your e-mail address is "" (the first term is the letter "l", not the number "1"). Your password is either the first 8 or the last 8 digits of your T.R. Identification Number.

There is no internship obligation in our department, but students who wish can do optional internships.

During your internship, your health insurance is paid for by our university.

İçerik metinlerini buraya yazabilirsiniz.

You can contact our faculty members via e-mail. For this, you can access the details by clicking on the "Academic Staff" option in the "Staff" menu at and clicking on the name of the lecturer whose e-mail address you want to see. Do not forget to include your name, surname, student number, and department in your e-mail.

Appeals against exam results are made within 7 days after the results are announced. You must submit a petition regarding your appeal to the secretariat.

All of our students, except those in the 1st semester of the 1st year, must choose a course each semester during the course registration week. Courses are assigned automatically for the students in the 1st semester of the 1st year.

At the beginning of each semester, you can make the corrections during the "add and delete" week after the registration week.

A double major program refers to a program that enables students who meet the success requirement and other conditions to take courses from two diploma programs at the university simultaneously and receive two separate diplomas.
A minor program refers to the program that enables students enrolled in a diploma program to receive a document (minor certificate) that does not replace a diploma by taking a limited number of courses on a specific subject within the scope of another diploma program within the same higher education institution, provided that they meet the stipulated conditions.

The course schedules are published on our web pages of the faculty and the department. You can also see it using SDUNet.

They refer to international and domestic student exchange programs. For conditions and detailed information, you can review the web pages of the relevant coordinators: